This past weekend, I had friends over for a scary movie night. We screamed, jumped and ate more than our fair share of popcorn. That kind of fear can be exhilarating and fun. But fear can also be debilitating. Especially when it holds you back from doing (or continuing to do) the big things you want to….

In our productivity obsessed culture, we’re either constantly working or feeling guilty because we think we should be. Scroll your social feeds and you’ll probably find references to #hustle, #nodaysoff or some type of work related #grind. Don’t get me wrong. I work very, very hard. Always have and always will. It’s part of my….

Chances are if you’re human, you’ve felt overworked. Like there’s never enough time and you’re stretched to the max. When you’ve got big dreams and you’re juggling deadlines, work, health and family — the last thing you want to hear is about the benefit of slowing down. But here’s the thing. Innovative breakthroughs rarely happen….